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 ROBYN'S ROOM fun, qualityand engaging programs are designed for children 5 yrs + and are tailored to maximise children's creative expression.

Each quality and unique session is programmed with Art 'n' Craft activities to foster imagination, discovery and sensory exploration without criticism or failure and in turn, empowering children's self esteem, confidence and autonomy.

As the children learn Art 'n' Craft skills and techniques, they are encouraged to let their imagination flow naturally; to see things differently and combine their ideas in new and interesting ways.

"Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else" - Sydney Gurewitz Clemens



Many of us within our busy lives and routines, have forgotten how to be creative; to play and have some fun! There are so many talented artists among us, diverse in style and technique, and we unfortunately consider our own art inadequate in comparison and we put down the paint brush in fear of judgement and failure. ROBYN'S ROOM invites adults to rediscover their own creative self through uncontrived and relaxed painting and Art'n'Craft workshops.


The Educators at ROBYN'S ROOM have specialised experience, in both art, graphic design and education with children, that spans more than 40 years. To generate a positive impact on the art and creative development of children, remains their primary objective. 

Their relaxed, patient and friendly teaching styles and methods ensure the children are completely respected, encouraged and supported in the fun journey of creative expression.

It is the supreme art of the teacher 

to AWAKEN JOY in creative expression 

- Albert Einstein

Ready for CREATIVE fun


ROBYN'S ROOM - Creative Art'n'Craft

  • After School programs for children 5 yrs +
  • School Holiday Programs for children 5yrs +
  • FUN parties with a difference !
  • Parent/Child Creative Sessions
  • Creative expression workshops for adults..

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School HOLiday programs

Some schools are lucky enough to start holidays early. 

Luckily, so do we. 

See you next School Holidays. 

Mon 8th - Thurs 18th April

  • 2hrs filled with Creative fun.
  • Choose from morning or afternoon sessions...or both!

Book holiday fun!


 Is your crafty child in need of a quality, funfilled hour with their parent ? Each fortnight you can now have some fun, get crafty together and make some special memories ... you both deserve it! Save your kitchen table as well ! 

* I hour sessions each fortnight

Mondays 4 -  5pm, Thursdays 11.30 am - 12.30pm

Make creative memories together

they love it ... you will too!

* * * * *  "Robyn’s Room has been a wonderful activity for my 4yo son. 

His confidence in drawing and artistic expression has really blossomed. Highly recommended ��"  

MARK STUBBS, 9 May at 7 : 03

* * * * *  "My daughter Emily is a regular at Robyn's room. Emily loves her sessions with Robyn. The art really is next level. Robyn is brilliant with the children and challenges their creative talents. I cannot recommend it highly enough." INGRID HARVEY, 4 May at 18 : 16

* * * * *  " Robyn offers such a special experience for children, my girls are relaxed happy and – most of all – free during their time in Robyn’s room. I can see their creativity flow and a whole other side of them emerge, she is amazing." SALLY RICHARDSON, 23 March at 20 : 05

* * * * * " Robyn's room is a wonderful place for my boys to completely immerse themselves in the creative process without the structure and time restrictions of a classroom. They love Robyn and the fun she brings to their week. We also had a dinosaur party at Robyn's room and it was so perfect for our son. Robyn completely personalised with dinosaurs everywhere and lots of dinosaur activities. It was the perfect party! Thanks Robyn! " MELISSA STROUD, 16 January at 18:27 


* * * * * " Just had a wonderful session at Robyn’s Room! My son thoroughly enjoyed getting messy and creative! Robyn’s energy, experience and talent made the session so much fun. My son loved the tailored program and encouragement. We will be booking for the term! Thanks Robyn! "

ELIZABETH STUBBS, 6 March at 19:46

* * * * * " My daughter had a great time at Robyn's room and enjoyed all the different activities. She rated it 10/10 and can' wait to go back. Thanks Robyn - you are the best!!!!!!!!! " 

NATASHA PAYZE, 10 April at 14 : 47

* * * * *  " Had a blast tonight at ROBYN'S ROOM painting on the walls! She has a great setup and runs classes for kids and adults. We were painting to a theme and totally just for fun! No skill required. Highly recommend Robyn's workshops for any age. Robyn even did all the cleaning up - what more could you want !" 


We love to party !!

ROBYN'S ROOM is your solution to your child's next birthday celebration; something different, something fun!

We go beyond wand and mask making and invite children to enjoy 

Art 'n' Craft in a whole new context! 


ROBYN'S ROOM puts the fun back into parties! 


Enquire further and allow ROBYN'S ROOM to tailor your child's party package. 

Let's talk party !